Billytown is an artist-run-gallery located in the centre of The Hague (NL). Billytown was founded in 2003 as an artist initiative. In May 2015, it opened a gallery with the goal to become self-sustaining. Billytown is a hybrid space for art, which combines the commercial side of running a gallery with the identity of an artist initiative, producing and exhibiting artworks from under one roof. Billytown organises five to six exhibitions per year, inviting not only national and international, young and established artists, but also curators and writers. It functions as a platform to meet, exchange, experience, discuss and develop. Billytown also curates exhibitions at other initiatives as well as participating at art fairs. Billytown hosts twenty studios, a guest studio, the gallery, the Bookshop, The Kitchen, which is a process-oriented project space with flexible programming, and The Archives / Peter van Beveren Library.
Bezoek Billytown
Helena van Doeverenplantsoen 3, The Hague, Netherlands

Meer te doen op het UIT festival

ook van jou festival
Zaterdag 3 sept.
: 12:00
Ook van Jou Festival
Theater en Filmhuis Dakota
depot Haags Gemeentearchief met medewerker Ron van den Bos 2019
: 13:00
ontdek de schatkamers van het Haags Gemeentearchief
: 12:00
Onze Ambassade Festival met Agnes Mezosi
Zaterdag 3 sept.
: 18:45
Dans, Muziek, Circus, en feest
Black To Comm
: 22:00
Onze Ambassade Festival met Black to Comm
Interval OFFprojects_beeld MTwiehaus klein
: 18:00


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Bezoek Billytown
Helena van Doeverenplantsoen 3, The Hague, Netherlands